In case you missed it, I put out a brand new EP this weekend:

Track list:

  1. Gypsy miner
  2. Basic
  3. Social stroke, part one
  4. Social stroke, part two
  5. When all else fails
  6. When all else falls

Enjoy wherever you have an account:

Apple Music:
Google Play:

Additionally, any future orders of the classic $10 Tricil t-shirt will come with a download of the EP for free in your choice of format:

Finally, as always, remix stems are available on Blend:

Gypsy miner:
Social stroke:

To crowdfund or not to crowdfund?

Well, this certainly opened up a can of worms.

I wondered: 

@amandapalmer herself retweeted this, which then lead to quite a few disagreeing replies including one from from Filter (yes, that Filter): 

Here’s the thing. My adversity to crowdfunding is when artists stoop down to almost “begging” levels to fund a record/tour/pay their rent/etc for exorbitant amounts of money. It’s not that I’m old fashioned and against the idea – after all, anyone who is reading this knows I’m quite “post-label” myself, it’s just that I’m against the reckless desperation some bands (and brands) exhibit in their campaigns: posting just how far off they are from their goal constantly and doing nothing more than just that – posting about it.

I’ve supported campaigns – I’m not that big of a curmudgeon. Recently, my friends in Haujobb just did a successful tour funding campaign and I eagerly await my copy of their new album!

How do you feel? Is crowdfunding a “means to an end” or boisterous begging?


When I wrote the Emancipation in 2010, it was supposed to be just a one-off thing for a compilation. I had no idea it would blow up like it did!

As the buzz for the single grew, I rushed to follow it up with more music – releasing various remixes, older unreleased songs to fans on my mailing list, DJ mixes, the One Day Soon single – all the while the Emancipation was snowballing in popularity. I even had a once in a lifetime opportunity of working on Haujobb’s first record in nearly a decade, New World March!

Success isn’t overnight – it’s slow – you can’t rush creativity. After chasing the dragon of a breakthrough single and an idol collaboration, I spent the last year regrouping and rethinking Tricil. I was tired of being the “coming soon” artist. It was time to shit or get off the pot. 

So that said, I’m working on a new record. It has no title, no theme, no release date, it’s just a collection of great new songs. The idea is to write as much as possible and release the best hours’ worth as an album. Instead of forcing myself to write one more song that’s at least as good as the last one, I’m just writing groves and making sounds daily. Who knows, I might just have enough for a double-album debut! Kidding.

Best of 2013

I mathematically figure out my best albums of 2013 using my account and a formula that divides listens by the number of tracks on the album.

Here’s a selection of media available from each record, from official channels obviously 😉 What were your favorite records of the year? Let me know in the comments.

  1.  Nine Inch Nails – Hesitation Marks
  2. Queens of the Stone Age – …Like Clockwork
  3. How to Destroy Angels – Welcome Oblivion
  4.  Neosignal – Raum und Zeit
  5. Noisia – DmC Devil May Cry soundtrack
  6. The Upbeats – Primitive Technique
  7. Architect – Mine
  8. Gary Numan – Splinter
  9. Cloudeater – Purge
  10. The New Regime – Exhibit A

Here’s a Spotify playlist of the whole list. Subscribe and shuffle!

Working on something new…

Tricil is alive.

Harnessing a vital period of inspiration and creating something new.

First things first, I’m working on new music. I recently acquired an Ableton Push unit and I’m working on new music daily, which is a wonderful feeling. I haven’t been this inspired in years and I am taking Tricil back to where it belongs – pure electronics.

To celebrate, I’ve set my entire back catalogue (two EP’s and seven singles) pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp.

Download any of my song in any format at any price. Each bit of support goes right into the new album fund of recording and promotion. Think of this as my ghetto Kickstarter.

Thank you all so much for your support!

Favorite tracks of 2012

M.I.A – Bad Girls

I do have to admit this kind of reminds me of a different video of a hot brown girl in the desert, this melody would not leave my head for days. It’s a shame this track is mastered fucking terribly (it’s a straight brick, impossible to warp in Ableton – you can’t even tell where the transients are). Still a hot track, though.

Lorn – Weigh me Down

Lorn is one of my favorite discoveries of 2012. Ask the Dust was a constant in my driving playlists this year and to think I haven’t listened to Lorn at all prior to this year. I admit I discovered Lorn via his Amon Tobin remix.

Noisia & Phace – Imperial

Can someone tell Skrillex fans I found where the fucking drop is? Noisia and Phace (one half of precise German production powerhouse Neosignal) astound with this track with just the right amount of cinematic structures, micro sound design an hard hitting downbeats. My favorite little part is when the gravity drops out at the beginning of the second drop at exactly 3.47 and instead of a kick drum, you get a choir hit. Fucking brilliant.

The new music industry

The music industry is split at the seams again and it’s up to the smart artist or label to adapt or die. 

I’m not talking about major label marketing muscle darlings here. I’m speaking to bandcamp net labels and bands who still get in the van. 

What you used to know about snakeoil “the music industry” doesn’t apply anymore. 

There are now two heads to the new industry: distributors of sound and marketeers of product.

Forget about making any money on the former. We all know that Napster killed the labels, and the only way to sell music is to give some away for free or an email address. This part is still true, but what’s more important now is that people would rather stream than download. Hell, most of us are just on our phones now anyways (including the composition of this post). 

Bands: stop whining about small royalties payouts from Spotify. You’re a musician, you should be used to not getting paid fairly for your work. Write better songs and the chance of making money will increase. 

In all seriousness, think about it: the customer pays the price of one full album a month for unlimited listening. You do the division. It’s not like SoundCloud or YouTube pay you without having to resort to ads or partner programs. 

People would rather stream than download. If its great, I’ll name my price in Bandcamp and get my precious Apple Lossless download. I’ve noticed fans usually just let a song play then decide or just refer to the songs location (a YouTube video, a SoundCloud track, a Spotify playlist) than grab the “hard” copy for them to sync to their already Internet-connected devices. 

In short, you’re screwed. Make your play button larger on your website and write catchier songs. 

Marketeers of Product

Herein is where, if any, your margin lies. 

The Weeknd rebundled his free mixtapes into The Trilogy and sold it. How to Destroy Angels_’ new EP is vinyl-only or a $5 download, Amon Tobin sold out of a 4000 copy, limited edition 6×10″, 7xCD, 2xDVD boxset. 

Point is – be creative.

Try and avoid CDs except for tour merch tables where they’re still the #1 thing new fans want. Don’t ever fucking sell me a “CD” and have it actually be a CD-R. People hate that shit, don’t disrespect your fans like that. If its a handmade, CD-R, specify so. Make a USB key album. 

Think outside of the box because your download sales are gone.

New TRICIL shirts & remix.TRICIL 11.11 Remix Contest

A while back, I made some t-shirts. These were awesome, soft and comfortable. and I only made 24 of them. (one didn’t make it, so it became 23).

I was surprised in their interest, they went rather quickly.

So I finally got around to pressing some more and silently announced on my Facebook that they were available last night and sold a few (thank you guys so much!)

Get your shirt bundled with my 2010-11 singles and remixes in any format here for only $15.99: Severed and Esoteric Drift combinations are also available.


remix.TRICIL has been re-launched!

To celebrate the new remix site (more stable, SoundCloud and Facebook integrated, on-site commenting, responsive & mobile design, etc) AND the new t-shirts, I’m holding an 11-1 remix contest!

Starting tomorrow, May 11 at 11:11 AM EST to June 11 at 11:11 PM EST, you have the ability to enter in a remix contest for TRICIL.

Your prizes are a T-Shirt and fficial Releas treatment on my label like the Proclamation, Sharaab, and Oven Baked remixes from the site have been given.

Almost makes me want to enter. But I’m a little busy working on some guitar-based music…

How to use Social Media if you’re a band or unknown artist

It’s 2012 now, artists are basically their own label if they choose to be and it’s fine climate to get heard. If you have the talent, all you need is a SoundCloud account and presence on the two major social networks: Facebook and Twitter. 

Chances are, you’re reading this post because I originally shared it on the social networks and either you or one of your friends clicked on it and maybe even shared it (thank you!). Another reason that you’re here because of Social Media is The Emancipation was written and the video was created as a result of collaborative social media. First and only record deal I’ve had that started as a Twitter DM – true story.

All that said, allow me to share some advice and mistakes I’ve made over the years so you can stop making them yourself. If I offended you, please let me know in the comments.


Stop all the cross-posting!

The biggest offender here is two-fold: feeding your Twitter to your Facebook or even worse: linking your Facebook to your Twitter and your Twitter to your MySpace to your ReverbNation to your Twitter.

@Twitter #language isn’t clickable/actionable in Facebook. Don’t import your twitter to your Facebook. Additionally, when you tweet often, your tweets get hidden in the news feed. Oh you had a big announcement? Sorry I didn’t see it, I didn’t click on the “See more posts from Twitter” in my News Feed.

I’ve seen the latter happen to where a post got tweeted 3 times: from MySpace, ReverbNation, and Facebook all with separate link structures (,, whatever RN does – this to Twitter looks like 3 separate posts, hence how they all came through). If you’re not gonna use Twitter – don’t. Nothing sucks more than trying to follow someone and their entire timeline is full of apps and truncated Facebook statuses repeated 3 times because they still use MySpace and are having another go at “the music thing.” Kill it with fire. 

Many people also have YouTube sharing turned all the way on. I don’t care that you added some How to Make Music video to a playlist. I really don’t. Nor do I care that you’re the mayor of McDonalds on Foursquare. 

This can happen within the same network as well, like for example Facebook Pages vs. personal profiles. On my way to work this morning, I was telling my sister about making this post and she told me to tell my friend Jessica to stop posting the same thing on personal page as her fan page. So there you go. Jessica, stop posting the same thing to your personal page as your fan page. I am your friend because I am your friend and I like your page because I like your music. All too often, I see DJ types on Facebook (you know, the ones who invite you to an event every time they spin even though you don’t live on the same side of the county as them – effective targeting) with like 5,000 friends and a Fan Page with 10% of that as Likes. You’re doing it wrong.

I break this cross-posting rule with two exceptions: 140 Characters of Text (no links, just words) and Media.

Sometimes I simply just want to update my status, and it’s something I want to say on both Facebook and Twitter. I compose it in a Twitter program so I can have my character count at or below 140 lest it gets truncated on Twitter and just looks like Twitlonger and nobody likes Twitlonger. It should be banned.

If I want to get more involved and maybe @mention someone, I’ll leave it as a tweet standalone or I’ll use the mentioning feature on Facebook then paste in a link to a post or a video that shows what I’m talking about – you’ll get more engagement on Facebook out of Links and Photos than you do out of pure text anyways. Format for your medium.

Media is the second exception here. You were going to post your newest track you just uploaded to Soundcloud everywhere anyways, you should let SoundCloud post it for you. God bless the guys at SoundCloud man, when you share a track, it is formatted to each networks medium and standards. 

Observe a tweeted favorite of Pinch and Photek’s amazing new track

The same track on Facebook and the track on Tumblr

On Twitter, the track is formatted with @mention of the artist, and the message is under 140 characters. Clear. On Facebook and Tumblr, you see cover art with a play button, and you don’t leave the network of your choice to listen. Brilliant.

Instagram is a popular photo sharing service and as of this writing, it’s only on the iPhone. Crazy that a network can have such a draw being tied to one device. I find it perfectly acceptable to post your filtered effected blurry live photos to Twitter and Facebook, especially because of Facebook’s new Timeline that kicks in Friday for bands – the photo thumbnails on Timelines are square and so are Instagrams. Not all of your fans and followers have iPhones, so we might as well get them in on the action using the social networks’ native commenting/replying functions. Also, more on Facebook Timeline for bands in a bit. 

Finally, under SoundCloud logic, you can totally share your YouTube and Vimeo uploads to the networks, but I’d be weary of much more connection than that. Please uncheck playlists and comments and maybe even likes. You might accidentally share your closeted M.I.A. Bad Girls obsession.

For Foursquare: You really should only “check in” to your shows. Tip: add your show to Songkick and you can check in to it:

For an even stronger explanation of why you should Unlink Your Feeds, click here: Unlink Your Feeds

Do Not Follow Everyone Back

An extremely common misnomer for joining Twitter is that it’s polite to follow everyone back. Trust me, you do not want to do this. You will get more followers by not sucking and being yourself. Be yourself. Don’t suck. 

You should follow your real life friends and your musical influences on Twitter if you just joined the service.

Soon, you will get followers. Look through each of them and ask yourself if you find that person interesting. If so, return the favor. You might have your first real Fan! That one person you never met in your life who loves your music – it’s the greatest feeling. Or you might get DJ Serato who wants you to followback so he can get to 1,000 followers at his next show down the street. Or you might get a really hot girl, but in reality she’s selling Walmart gift cards via a link that auto-DMs your followers. Oh yeah speaking of Auto-DMing – NEVER DO IT. EVER. 

Point is, be weary and chose your audience wisely. I follow about 300 people right now and I constantly add/subtract to it based on who piques my interest. If someone takes offense to you unfollowing, fuck ‘em. They weren’t your real fans anyways.

Don’t Overshare

Suppose one of your fans only follows 30 people. If you post on Twitter 10x times a day, it looks like your flooding the channel. Worse if you connect everything and you spent a day on YouTube favoriting puppy dog videos. 

A RT is not a reply. If someone says something nice to you, reply and thank them. Don’t be all

Thanks! RT @somebro You Rule!

You’ll look like a conceited ass.

This applies to Facebook as well. Facebook actually now recommends you post once daily, and five times a week.

“Like” it or not, all Facebook pages will shift over to the new Timeline format on Friday. The precious Like-to-Unlock landing page scheme is now gone, meaning instead of making fans jump thru hoops and give you a thumbs up to hear your stuff, you now have to win them over with your content. Make it good. 

The default view for Facebook Timeline for bands is “Highlights” this isn’t really editable right now, and with a bit of good reason – social relevancy. You can circumvent this by “pinning” a post to the top of your page for 7 days, or “highlighting” a photo or video and making it full-width (this is great for video premieres). But the rest is just based on who your fans’ friends are and how many likes/comments your fans left on each post. Tip: consider a Facebook ad targeted at Friends of Fans in your local city. Don’t post too often, after all Your Facebook is Not Your Website. Sporadically post the good shit and direct your fans to your website/landing page for more. Don’t have anything new? Let your fans know you a little better and post a video of one of your influences. 

Your Facebook is Not Your Website

Finally, like it or not the Facebook is the Myspace of 2006. Yes, it’s the first place promoters/record agents (if there are any left) go after your Website (ok, the latter may also check out your SoundCloud as well), but make sure it’s not where you’re sending people. You can control what you say and put on your website (remember how I said some posts are hidden if they don’t make a splash on Facebook?). Make it yours and make it look good. If you don’t know how, you can hire somebody. I built my own.

Make sure you have a website! It should be Your and easy to Google. If you *just* started, buy this domain, make a site, then send all your Twitter and Facebook fans to it when you launch. This is a big deal! Make sure your music is first and foremost and DO NOT USE FLASH. SoundCloud makes a great HTML5 player and has an API for custom implementations (I use two – a full page Premiere on my front page and a small bottom-of-the-page-on-every-page player called Stratus – both based on open-source code by Lee Martin)

If you just don’t have the budget for a website you’re not out of luck. Try a service like or Here is my version of the former and the latter. Both of these sites aggregate existing social networks and media into one nice, branded page. And if you don’t cross-post, it won’t look like you’re saying the same thing all the time! 

Topspin and MTV look to be creating something similar and possibly bigger with Artists.MTV. Make sure you go to that link and sign up, you’ll get a free Topspin (what I use for marketing and e-commerce) account for 3 months!

In summary: Do not crosspost unless it’s a new track of yours, Do not follow everyone back to pad your following, Do not post all the damn time, and make sure you have your own website.

@rob_sheridan Excellent. But I feel like there should be a #5: Learn to use the correct “your.” Someone should tell the author.

— James Black (@Sesquipedalism) March 29, 2012

Thanks for reading, let me know how you feel in the comments!

Severed out now. Download the first four songs for free!

The remastered reissue of the blueprint of Peachtree Industrial, Severed. Expanded with tracks from the 2002-2005 era and mastered by Randy Garcia.

Price: $4.99



The remastered reissue of the blueprint of Peachtree Industrial, Severed. Expanded with tracks from the 2002-2005 era and mastered by Randy Garcia.


Price: $4.99

Originally a six-track EP released digitally in 2004, Severed represents an important chapter in the musical echelon of TRICIL. The genesis of the “Peachtree Industrial” sound, Severed was where I found my musical voice in dirty, funky beats and nostalgic melodies. Newly remastered by the venerable Randy Garcia, this collection represents the pre-Esoteric Drift chapter of TRICIL.

Download the first four songs for free:

Share the first 4 songs on Twitter | Share the first 4 songs on Facebook

1. Tricilsong
2. Say What You Say
3. Severed
4. RCC6
5. Something Beautiful
6. RCC9.2
7. Nerve Damage
8. RCC3
9. Constroy RMX
10. Effekted
11. Conserve & Destroy

Artwork and mastering by Randy Garcia
The second half of Severed (“Attached” programmed by Greg Pries)

All programming, songwriting, and guitars on Say What You Say & Something Beautiful by John Jacobus 2002-2004

Haujobb – New World March out now. Listen to Control and Lost here.

Control is the opening track to Haujobb’s first record in 8 years.

I had the honor of working with Haujobb once again on this release. Asides from this track, I also did synths in a song called Lost. (I used the same synth patch I designed for One Day Soon for all you bean counters out there)

On this track, I played the verse and chorus guitar, the ambient Reaktor pads throughout, the beat programming in the middle, and the outro strings. Honored to have so much of my source material used on this track.

The beats in the middle section I programmed in Battery, then resampled and cut up in Live. That Basic Channel stutter you hear in the dirty beat is actually resampled from the chorus guitar.

Finally, there’s a sample of a classic Haujobb song from Freeze Frame Reality I snuck in the track. I repitched it so it was in key. Bonus points if you can spot it. =)

Lost is the other song I helped produce on New World March. I did the chorus synths repurposed from the patch I designed for One Day Soon.

I also enhanced the stuttering Reaktor bassline, and suggested the second verse come in with just the vocals. A favorite of mine.

Free New Music from TRICIL, From Exile, and The Humboldt Trio – Show at The EARL on May 14

So stoked for this one. Playing a show in Atlanta at one of my favorite venues with two of my favorite bands and we’re covering my favorite bandof all time, Nine Inch Nails. 

“…I’ll see you there.”

Here’s a free sampler from all of the bands, including my brand new song One Day Soon (seems a good time as any to release this):

RSVP on your favorite concert listing service:
Facebook | | Songkick

Here’s a teaser from From Exile’s upcoming NIN cover EP:

Related show

How to Destroy Angels: The Space in Between (TRICIL Remix)

This is my remix of How To Destroy Angels’ The Space in Between. I’ve had this track kicking around for almost a year now, and never got around to releasing it, so here it is. I added a few tweaks here and there and sent it off to Randy Garcia (who’s playing Nophest with me) for mastering.

Because the track is 74BPM (or 148, depending on how you feel it), I didn’t want to create a typical “dubstep remix” of this track, I wanted to keep the menacing feel but make it a little groovier and pulsating. The Swarmatron-esque drone that goes throughout the whole song isn’t actually a Swarmatron sample at all, it’s the original drum track put through a distorted Resonator in the right channel with a Grain Delay an octave higher on the left. The pitch of the Resonator was “played” manually via knob recorded in real-time to give it a more human feel.

I dig this mix and am happy to share it with you this month. I’ve got a lot of cool things to tell you that you’ll find out in due time – all I can say is that it’s a very exciting time to be a music fan. The New World March has begun.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please tell a friend!

Thoughts on Spotify

So I’m trying out Spotify Premium as an iPod replacement on my iPhone starting tomorrow. I’m rocking my Inbox, a couple of subscribed playlists, and the rest is listening in a whim to whatever, whenever. It’s like Napster without all the downloading. 

The only music “synced” to my phone is that of subscribed playlists that I have on my computer, which to this audiophile, means Apple Lossless files instead of the compressed (128? 256?) streaming copy. 

This feature’s cool enough, I could make a playlist of everything I’ve given away for free, and you could subscribe to it and sync it on the go because you have me on your computer. Smart. 

Thanks to distributing via TuneCore, much of my music is available in Spotify as well as and a few other surprising things that aren’t just iTunes and Amazon (but there, too). 

Here’s a playlist of everything I’ve done that’s available in Spotify

I’m aware of the very small pay outs that Spotify pays, I’ve already seen the revenues in my reports first hand. At this point, I’d rather be Heard than Paid, and as I said earlier, I give away much of my music for free. As a beautiful side effect of this, I’ve gotten paid. Funny how that works out. 

I’m checking out this Shameless Self Promotion (ha!) mix by Trent Reznor. Currently, it’s 25 of his favorite songs he’s done (it’s basically NIN, HTDA, TSN, and a few Saul Williams tracks), cool to see the artists’ opinion of his oeuvre. 

Finally, here’s some songs I’m really diggin on lately. I keep this playlist updated regularly. 

All that said, I’m in the mood for searching and discovering new music. What are you listening to and loving lately?

Nophest 8/27/2011. A night curated by TRICIL

After being involved in the Nophest festival for the five years since its inception, I had the distinct honor of calling the shots and curating of an evening. On August 27th at East Side Lounge, joining me will be We Roll Like Madmen, Dark Room, Randy Garcia, and Sharaab.

Here are the time-slots for the evening:
9:00 – We Roll Like Madmen
10:00 – Dark Room
11:00 – R_Garcia
12:00 – TRICIL
1:00 – Sharaab

Free Download:

Buy your tickets in advance here for $7.50

Each one of these acts are good friends of mine, extremely talented, and it doesn’t hurt that they’ve done remixes for me or I for them. I’ve included a free download at the bottom of the post featuring all aforementioned collaborations. I’ve also included SoundCloud players featuring everything on everyone’s SoundCloud. You can’t say you haven’t heard.

We Roll Like Madmen

We Roll Like Madmen are a trio from Clemson, South Carolina. Each involved heavy at WSBF-FM, these guys are young and equally adept at both glitchy beats and pop sensibilities. They rock Launchpads, Machines, vocals and guitars live. Jordan and Chris collaborated on an amazing remix of Mushy Thangs included below. I heard it might make its live début this evening. Make sure you come early to check these guys out.

Dark Room

It’s impossible to talk about Dark Room without mentioning Jungol. Jungol. There I said it. Strip away the bombastic “rock” elements of Jungol and add even more atmospheric elements and you’ll get Dark Room in very simplified terms. Not present in the band that 2/3 of Dark Room makes up 66% of is a playful, almost kid-like love of sampling. Very organic and very live, very good. This will be Dark Room’s first show as a three-piece. The math above hints at the new members. Since everyone will be in attendance, you might hear a special live version of my drum-heavy remix of Jungol’s Two People.


Randy Garcia and I have been best friends for years. It was only fitting that he co-headlined this evening with me. We played together in the now-defunct Nerd Parade, he has guested on drums for me live, he worked with my last project The Secret Life, we go way back basically. Asides from being total bros, he is #1 on my shortlist of local contemporaries. We both have keen melodic sense, play a variety of instruments, and come from rock backgrounds yet make catchy electronic beats. A fitting match. Did I mention that his “Proclamation” remix of The Emancipation is basically my new live version? Additionally, Randy will be releasing his new album Resurgens at Nophest!


Sharaab has been around for years. I remember putting out my first release on in 2001 and seeing this guy’s name on the local Atlanta charts. Not just a creator of music, Sharaab teaches it as well, and is working on a new full length record coming out this year. Sharaab won The Emancipation remix contest I had a few months back. I love the tablas on that track. It would be awesome to hear tablas live…

So that’s it. Those are the who and why of the TRICIL-curated night at Nophest. We’ll see you there. Grab the free download and share with your friends!

The Emancipation VIP

Ah, “this song.” After never playing it live the same way twice since its debut less than a year ago (July 2010), I’ve finally settled on a decent live version. This six and a half minute track has new elements and sounds and is based heavily on the original, the R_Garcia Proclamation mix and Taste Tester remixes with accents from the Sharaab, Sonny Hancock, CG Brown, and The LoneRoger featuring D-Face remixes from remix.TRICIL. An “omni-mashup,” if you will. I don’t know if this will ever see a release, so I wanted to give it to you for free. Enjoy and please share!