Introducing TRICIL.access

So I’m offering a monthly/yearly subscription service to my music at a very affordable price. For either $1 a month or $10 a year, you can gain access to cool unreleased songs, compilations, videos, songs for just you, upcoming things, first dibs on tickets, who knows? Point it, it’s yours first. 

Subscription can be bought over in the store, and it involves Universal Login, so you don’t need to sign up to yet-another-online-service to take advantage of the goods!

Head over to the store and join in!

This free sampler of remixes, unreleased songs, and collaborations is included with each TRICIL.access purchase:

The Emancipation Remix Contest Winners!

I’m extremely happy to present our winners of the Emancipation remix contest: Sharaab (coming in with 61 votes) and Randy Garcia (in second with 56 votes).

All of the mixes submitted were stellar and breathtaking. Feel free to grab the stems and try yourself! And to all the other producers who submitted – please DropBox me a 24bit lossless unmastered copy. Who knows where your track will end up? 

Here’s r_garcia’s mix redubbed to the original Emancipation video. It works more than it doesn’t in a cool “Dark Side of the Oz” kind of way:

Finally, grab and share these remixes!

Now for part two of the contest, join the Atlanta SoundClouders and I in showcasing these producer’s tracks at the upcoming SoundCloud Meetup on Tuesday! See you then if you’re in town!

Enter November

Enter Calico, the release the award-winning video The Emancipation hails from, has finally completed its release cycle. As if that wasn’t big enough, I also have some new music to share with you.

Today, November 4th 2010, is the debut of the iPad Application of the release, found here on the App Store. Please do yourself a favor and check it out, I’m proud to be a part of such a “perfect storm of creativity.”

Here are a couple of behind-the-scenes videos from myself and the directors of the video:

How The Emancipation happened (my story)

Behind the scenes with Burning Head (the directors)

Last night, I made my second radio appearance in as many months on WREK’s long-running electronic show The Mobius. 

I was interviewed and then did a short live set of completely exclusive unreleased material, including collaborations with two artists from Enter Calico and a remix for How to Destroy Angels. 

remix.TRICIL is alive.

So the first entries to remix.TRICIL have been submitted and are bangers!

Nice work, chaps!

Visit remix.TRICIL to take part in an open-source remix contest for consideration for future release. Creative Commons-licensed (by-nc-sa) Stems are available now for Mushy Thangs, Esoteric Drift, and North Arc. More songs will be available soon. Many thanks to for posting the information!

remix.TRICIL is an open site where you can download Creative Commons-licensed stems, and upload your creations back to the site, powered by SoundCloud. Fans can vote and listen. Cool perk: the site is iPhone compatible so you can listen on the go!

    TRICIL in Clemson, SC on 10/15/10

    As a follow up to my WSBF show, I’ve been invited to play a show at R3MIX3D along with Panther God, friend Johan Ess, and a host of others. Event
    Facebook Event
    MySpace Event

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    WSBF Live Sessions – 8/19/10

    On Thursday, August 19th, 2010 I will be doing a Live Session for University of Clemson radio, followed by an interview. This is “coincidentally” the week my track The Emancipation comes out on Clear Notice’s Enter Calico.

    The show runs 7-9PM EST.

    WSBF has a 30 mile broadcast and streams live from their website under the Listen Now tab.

    Tune in and Stay Tuned!

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