TRICIL.access Vol. 2 available now!

The second release in the subscription-only TRICIL.access series, Live at WSBF-FM is a snapshot in time (quite literally) of where my live set is at right now: blending the past and the present with a teaser of the future. The show culls from my March 10th WSBF-FM Live Session at Clemson University.The track list includes remixed hits like Esoteric Drift and The Emancipation in new live versions, the latter is actually a mashup medley of 5 remixes and the original. I also played a couple of remixes I did for Celldweller and Architect (the latter is forthcoming, the former available on FiXT Records), and some blasts from the past like Severed (with the proper “Attached” ending). Oh yeah, I also played a new song called One Day Soon that I haven’t even finished writing yet! 

TRICIL.access Vol. 2: Live at WSBF.FM 2011.03.10 is available for FREE to all TRICIL.access members in any choice of format: mp3, AAC, MP3HD, FLAC and/or Apple Lossless!

TRICIL.access is available for as little as $1 a Month or $10 a year and also comes standard with any purchase of a really cool t-shirt.

The unreleased state of two of these songs is why I’ve decided to release this to my TRICIL.access members only. However, I am offering a free sampler of three of the tracks for you to check out.