Thoughts on Spotify

So I’m trying out Spotify Premium as an iPod replacement on my iPhone starting tomorrow. I’m rocking my Inbox, a couple of subscribed playlists, and the rest is listening in a whim to whatever, whenever. It’s like Napster without all the downloading. 

The only music “synced” to my phone is that of subscribed playlists that I have on my computer, which to this audiophile, means Apple Lossless files instead of the compressed (128? 256?) streaming copy. 

This feature’s cool enough, I could make a playlist of everything I’ve given away for free, and you could subscribe to it and sync it on the go because you have me on your computer. Smart. 

Thanks to distributing via TuneCore, much of my music is available in Spotify as well as and a few other surprising things that aren’t just iTunes and Amazon (but there, too). 

Here’s a playlist of everything I’ve done that’s available in Spotify

I’m aware of the very small pay outs that Spotify pays, I’ve already seen the revenues in my reports first hand. At this point, I’d rather be Heard than Paid, and as I said earlier, I give away much of my music for free. As a beautiful side effect of this, I’ve gotten paid. Funny how that works out. 

I’m checking out this Shameless Self Promotion (ha!) mix by Trent Reznor. Currently, it’s 25 of his favorite songs he’s done (it’s basically NIN, HTDA, TSN, and a few Saul Williams tracks), cool to see the artists’ opinion of his oeuvre. 

Finally, here’s some songs I’m really diggin on lately. I keep this playlist updated regularly. 

All that said, I’m in the mood for searching and discovering new music. What are you listening to and loving lately?