When I wrote the Emancipation in 2010, it was supposed to be just a one-off thing for a compilation. I had no idea it would blow up like it did!

As the buzz for the single grew, I rushed to follow it up with more music – releasing various remixes, older unreleased songs to fans on my mailing list, DJ mixes, the One Day Soon single – all the while the Emancipation was snowballing in popularity. I even had a once in a lifetime opportunity of working on Haujobb’s first record in nearly a decade, New World March!

Success isn’t overnight – it’s slow – you can’t rush creativity. After chasing the dragon of a breakthrough single and an idol collaboration, I spent the last year regrouping and rethinking Tricil. I was tired of being the “coming soon” artist. It was time to shit or get off the pot. 

So that said, I’m working on a new record. It has no title, no theme, no release date, it’s just a collection of great new songs. The idea is to write as much as possible and release the best hours’ worth as an album. Instead of forcing myself to write one more song that’s at least as good as the last one, I’m just writing groves and making sounds daily. Who knows, I might just have enough for a double-album debut! Kidding.