Nophest 8/27/2011. A night curated by TRICIL

After being involved in the Nophest festival for the five years since its inception, I had the distinct honor of calling the shots and curating of an evening. On August 27th at East Side Lounge, joining me will be We Roll Like Madmen, Dark Room, Randy Garcia, and Sharaab.

Here are the time-slots for the evening:
9:00 – We Roll Like Madmen
10:00 – Dark Room
11:00 – R_Garcia
12:00 – TRICIL
1:00 – Sharaab

Free Download:

Buy your tickets in advance here for $7.50

Each one of these acts are good friends of mine, extremely talented, and it doesn’t hurt that they’ve done remixes for me or I for them. I’ve included a free download at the bottom of the post featuring all aforementioned collaborations. I’ve also included SoundCloud players featuring everything on everyone’s SoundCloud. You can’t say you haven’t heard.

We Roll Like Madmen

We Roll Like Madmen are a trio from Clemson, South Carolina. Each involved heavy at WSBF-FM, these guys are young and equally adept at both glitchy beats and pop sensibilities. They rock Launchpads, Machines, vocals and guitars live. Jordan and Chris collaborated on an amazing remix of Mushy Thangs included below. I heard it might make its live début this evening. Make sure you come early to check these guys out.

Dark Room

It’s impossible to talk about Dark Room without mentioning Jungol. Jungol. There I said it. Strip away the bombastic “rock” elements of Jungol and add even more atmospheric elements and you’ll get Dark Room in very simplified terms. Not present in the band that 2/3 of Dark Room makes up 66% of is a playful, almost kid-like love of sampling. Very organic and very live, very good. This will be Dark Room’s first show as a three-piece. The math above hints at the new members. Since everyone will be in attendance, you might hear a special live version of my drum-heavy remix of Jungol’s Two People.


Randy Garcia and I have been best friends for years. It was only fitting that he co-headlined this evening with me. We played together in the now-defunct Nerd Parade, he has guested on drums for me live, he worked with my last project The Secret Life, we go way back basically. Asides from being total bros, he is #1 on my shortlist of local contemporaries. We both have keen melodic sense, play a variety of instruments, and come from rock backgrounds yet make catchy electronic beats. A fitting match. Did I mention that his “Proclamation” remix of The Emancipation is basically my new live version? Additionally, Randy will be releasing his new album Resurgens at Nophest!


Sharaab has been around for years. I remember putting out my first release on in 2001 and seeing this guy’s name on the local Atlanta charts. Not just a creator of music, Sharaab teaches it as well, and is working on a new full length record coming out this year. Sharaab won The Emancipation remix contest I had a few months back. I love the tablas on that track. It would be awesome to hear tablas live…

So that’s it. Those are the who and why of the TRICIL-curated night at Nophest. We’ll see you there. Grab the free download and share with your friends!