New TRICIL shirts & remix.TRICIL 11.11 Remix Contest

A while back, I made some t-shirts. These were awesome, soft and comfortable. and I only made 24 of them. (one didn’t make it, so it became 23).

I was surprised in their interest, they went rather quickly.

So I finally got around to pressing some more and silently announced on my Facebook that they were available last night and sold a few (thank you guys so much!)

Get your shirt bundled with my 2010-11 singles and remixes in any format here for only $15.99: Severed and Esoteric Drift combinations are also available.


remix.TRICIL has been re-launched!

To celebrate the new remix site (more stable, SoundCloud and Facebook integrated, on-site commenting, responsive & mobile design, etc) AND the new t-shirts, I’m holding an 11-1 remix contest!

Starting tomorrow, May 11 at 11:11 AM EST to June 11 at 11:11 PM EST, you have the ability to enter in a remix contest for TRICIL.

Your prizes are a T-Shirt and fficial Releas treatment on my label like the Proclamation, Sharaab, and Oven Baked remixes from the site have been given.

Almost makes me want to enter. But I’m a little busy working on some guitar-based music…