Haujobb – New World March out now. Listen to Control and Lost here.

Control is the opening track to Haujobb’s first record in 8 years.

I had the honor of working with Haujobb once again on this release. Asides from this track, I also did synths in a song called Lost. (I used the same synth patch I designed for One Day Soon for all you bean counters out there)

On this track, I played the verse and chorus guitar, the ambient Reaktor pads throughout, the beat programming in the middle, and the outro strings. Honored to have so much of my source material used on this track.

The beats in the middle section I programmed in Battery, then resampled and cut up in Live. That Basic Channel stutter you hear in the dirty beat is actually resampled from the chorus guitar.

Finally, there’s a sample of a classic Haujobb song from Freeze Frame Reality I snuck in the track. I repitched it so it was in key. Bonus points if you can spot it. =)

Lost is the other song I helped produce on New World March. I did the chorus synths repurposed from the patch I designed for One Day Soon.

I also enhanced the stuttering Reaktor bassline, and suggested the second verse come in with just the vocals. A favorite of mine.