Free download of Effekted, Severed reissue, and more Remix Stems

In the time of preparation for my show at 529 on Monday, I went through many old song files for stuff that I could play live at the show. I was looking for lossless stems and source files. I stumbled across a set of files I thought I had lost forever: the stems for 4/6th of the Severed EP, an EP I released for free on the Internet in 2004. Considering I never played Nerve Damage live before, I almost dropped it on Monday, but was cut from the setlist.

I reached out to my mailing list and Facebook fans to make the art for Severed. It never actually had artwork, for seven years ago I’d zip up 6 mp3s, upload them to a server, paste the link in an IRC chat and my livejournal and call it a day.

Renaissance man Randy Garcia (disclaimerly: who’ve I played with in his bands, he’s played in my bands, and we remix each others tracks) made the winning and now official artwork:

Feel free to copy the embed for Effekted and share it on your websites, blogs, Facebook walls, etc!

Rewriting History: A look back at 2002-2005

So about the Severed-era stuff. Again, it was originally was 6 tracks, clocking in at 28 minutes, quite short. There are a few other stellar tracks from this era of TRICIL that I feel wrong to not include or release separately along the line in some sort of odds and ends collection.

The original tracklist is this: RCC3 / Con/stroy RMX / Say What You Say / Nerve Damage / Severed / Tricilsong

I was big on resampling and self-sampling at the time: RCC3 uses samples from Severed, Tricilsong was resampled in the end of Saywhatyousay. Con/stroy RMX was actually a remix of a song from 2002 called Conserve & Destroy. There is a song called RCC6 that includes warped elements from both SWYS and Severed. Another song called Something Beautiful is a backwards guitar sample from Saywhatyousay with the Severed beat vocoded. On the same day RCC6 was written, my friend Kobold did an amazing remix of Severed that I used as the ending coda of the song for live use. I reached out to him about this project and he too was able to find the 7 year old project files! His version plus the original will now be combined, as I always used to, to form the official version of Severed. Also on the same day Something Beautiful was written I wrote a Severed-beat mangling track called Paris Hilton/RCC9.2, which became The Secret Life song called Philton. Another future SL song and too important not to include in this section is the original You are Dead to Me, keeping with the theme of self-sampling, features a mangled and unrecognizable sample from Conserve & Destroy.
Finally, there’s Effekted. A song written in late 2004 that has no samples in common with these other tracks, but amazing in it’s own right. The track is a free download above and will be included on Severed. 12 songs, 5 seeds: Severed, Saywhatyousay, Nerve Damage, Conserve & Destroy, and Effekted.

I haven’t really cracked the surface on what I still have from these old songs. Some of them will require installing Fruity Loops on a BootCamp installation, and hoping the files still work. Thankfully, data pack-rat tendencies have shown that most likely I have the source files, which means you can do a remix for them if you’d like.

Remix stems for Effekted (and further Severed songs as they’re finished and mastered) are available here.

As this project is kind of my weekend baby, I have no release date for it, but I intend on releasing remix stems for it constantly for you guys to contribute your version. I’m sure I’ll include a few stellar standouts in the final reissue, bringing the Past to the Present.