Favorite tracks of 2012

M.I.A – Bad Girls

I do have to admit this kind of reminds me of a different video of a hot brown girl in the desert, this melody would not leave my head for days. It’s a shame this track is mastered fucking terribly (it’s a straight brick, impossible to warp in Ableton – you can’t even tell where the transients are). Still a hot track, though.

Lorn – Weigh me Down

Lorn is one of my favorite discoveries of 2012. Ask the Dust was a constant in my driving playlists this year and to think I haven’t listened to Lorn at all prior to this year. I admit I discovered Lorn via his Amon Tobin remix.

Noisia & Phace – Imperial

Can someone tell Skrillex fans I found where the fucking drop is? Noisia and Phace (one half of precise German production powerhouse Neosignal) astound with this track with just the right amount of cinematic structures, micro sound design an hard hitting downbeats. My favorite little part is when the gravity drops out at the beginning of the second drop at exactly 3.47 and instead of a kick drum, you get a choir hit. Fucking brilliant.