New Tricil Song

by Tricil

Tricil EP

by Tricil

The Emancipation

Directed by Franck Trebillac Produced by Franck Trebillac & Marc Broussely Director of photography: Marc Broussely Art director: Franck Trebillac Camera: Marc Broussely Editor & post-production: Franck Trebillac Executive producer: Crashburn media Cast: Miss Maleficent Martini Make-up artist: Edith Prouchandy

One Day Soon

Produced by: Abdullah F. Kurashi

Directed and Starring: Sera Kattoua


Esoteric Drift

by Tricil



Tricil has been making electronic music since 1997, and was a classically trained trumpeter and self-taught guitarist since childhood.

The first Tricil release was the eight-track Face EP, released via private FTP in 1998 to friends on Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Due to the relative obscurity of its distribution and dial-up modems and crashed hard drives, this release is out of print. An early adopter of services like, the next Tricil release, It’s Been Worth It, was released more widely in the year 2001 via and on-demand CD-Rs by the service.

The Severed EP followed in 2004, initially uploaded to a friends’ web-server then spread by the link pasted on Live Journal and IRC. The Severed EP was reissued with bonus tracks in 2012.

From 2004-2007, Tricil was one-half of the local Atlanta “Peachtree Industrial” duo known as The Secret Life. A “right place at the right time” story, The Secret Life opened up for acts as diverse as Mindless Self Indulgence, Diary of Dreams, Genghis Tron, and even Mastodon. The Secret Life released one record, called The Great Book of Mysterys. In late 2006, Tricil completed a remix for Celldweller’s “Frozen” titled the “Peachtree Industrial” remix, a nod to the geographical location of Tricil, the genre, and a main local thoroughfare.

In June 2007, Tricil released the guitar-inflected Esoteric Drift EP.

In September of that year, Tricil picked up Haujobb, a major influence, from the airport for their tour date in Atlanta and was asked to join them on stage on additional sounds that evening.

After The Secret Life had dissolved, Tricil was a part Atlanta indie-rock band Nerd Parade and produced and performed on their first two records, most notably 2009’s The Span of a Life on which he wrote 68 Reasons and How Hard We Fall.

In 2010, Tricil wrote The Emancipation for a compilation called Enter Calico(anagram of ‘electronica’) on Clear Notice (yet another anagram of ‘electronica’) records. Each track on the 12-song compilation had been pared with a video, as the compilation was released as an iPad application as well. The Emancipation video premiered July 23, 2010 and was directed by Burning Head and stars the “broken-doll ballerina” Maleficent Martini. Garnering over 100,000 views worldwide, this video broke Tricil through into slightly-less obscurity.

Following up The Emancipation in 2011 were a string of singles and remixes for other artists: One Day Soon in June, followed a week later by a remix of Haujobb side project Architect’s The Shadows of Eve, then a remix for How to Destroy Angels in July. While this was happening, Tricil contributed to the first Haujobb record in five years, New World March.

From August 2012 through January 2015, a string of singles were released: VockaSleeping Makes Everything BetterEffortly, and Restrung. In December 2015, Tricil released a self-titled six track EP of all-new material.

On February 21, 2018, the song New Tricil Song was released.

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